Bioxyl-2 Sanitizer

This new generation Bioxyl-2 Sanitizer is alcohol-free (Halal). It disinfects surfaces with the help of its antiviral, antibacterial, and anti fungizid spectrum.

  • Anti-viral COVID-19 & antibacterial spectrum
  • Alcohol & chlorine free
  • Skin & eco friendly


Ensure your safety by using high-quality medical care and PPE-s for infection control.

Product Overview


Wolhok’s Bioxyl-2 Sanitizer is based on active oxygen, doesn't contain chlorine and alcohol, and doesn't harm your skin. Bioxyl-2 is a "Halal" product, therefore, it's very popular in a lot of countries in the middle-east.

This Bioxyl-2 Sanitizer is intended for disinfection in numerous places such as medical institutions, livestock, and poultry farms as well as in food and domestic enterprises. Based on its well-thought formula it is completely eco-friendly, highly effective and affordable, and is recommended to use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Suggested Use

Disinfection with Bioxyl-2 Sanitizer should be done at room temperature and only with rubber gloves and glasses by spraying the liquid, dipping, or wiping with rags. After 30 minutes from disinfection clean with water.


In case the Bioxyl-2 Sanitizer gets into your eyes or somewhere in the skin rinse thoroughly with water. Remember to keep the product away from kids.


Before using Bioxyl-2 Sanitizer pay attention that it is complete.

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