About us

We strive to help you live a healthier life by providing you with high-quality medical care and personal protective equipment (PPE) for infection control.


Who are we?

Wolhok designs and manufactures innovative healthcare products that are adapted to the contemporary lifestyle. Our team strives to blend tested ideas and novel methods to offer its customers maximum comfort and safety, improved functionality, and optimal protection. At Wolhok we value innovation in science and we work with experts in nanofibers to develop high-quality products.


The world is living hard times where all of us need super protection and safety. Wolhok team works hard to meet demand and supply the market with different types of medical and healthcare products. All Wolhok products are certified and ensure the best quality.

Innovative Personal Protective Equipment

Wolhok team has developed not only ordinary healthcare and medical products but also a series of innovative lines to help our customers have new cutting-edge experience

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